Overview of 1096

The Form 1096 is commonly used to summarize all the information physically mailed to the IRS. If you choose to paper file any of the following forms you must send a Form 1096 with each type of form as the transmittal document. The forms are: 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, or W-2G. When you e-file Form 1099 through ExpressTaxFilings, a 1096 Form is not required by the IRS.

Deadline For Form 1096

IRS Form 1096 is used to summarize the information return forms being filed to the IRS. You must use a different Form 1096 for each type of form you’re filing (i.e., one for 1099-MISC Forms, one for 1099-DIV Forms, etc.).

Form 1096 is not required when e-filing, however when you e-file 1099 Forms with ExpressTaxFilings, we’ll provide a 1096 Form that can be used for your records.
1099 Form 2016 Tax Year Filing Deadlines:

1096 Recipient Copy

Recipient Copy Deadline

January 31, 2017

1096 Paper Filing

Paper Filing Deadline

February 28, 2017

1096 E-filing

E-filing Deadline

March 31, 2017

Where Can I File Form 1096

When you e-file any 1099 Form with ExpressTaxFilings a 1096 Form is not required by the IRS. For more information regarding IRS Form 1096 visit https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1096.pdf. If you paper file, you will need to complete a Form 1096 for each type of Form 1099 that is filed and mail it to the address below:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX 73301

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