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Our e-filing process is aimed at (small) business owners who can do the filing all by themselves with ease. We have an interview-based do-it- yourself process that helps in achieving the completeness, accuracy and ease of use. You also have the option to send your tax payment directly to the IRS. Built-in error checks ensure your form is clear of any errors before filing. You can access your account from anywhere, plus no required downloads or monthly fees.

IRS Form 94x Series

Form 94x series is comprehensive set of Forms which is used to report employers' various federal withholding and deposits to the IRS.

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  • Form 941

    Form 941

    Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return

  • Form 941-PR

    Form 941-PR & SS

    Puerto Rican & US Territory Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return

  • Form 941-SS

    94x PIN Request

    Free Online Signature PIN

  • PIN Request

    Schedule R
    (Form 941)

    Aggregate Filing Schedule R along with your Form 941

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W-2 forms

Annual Statement sent by employers to employees and the SSA providing information for tax filings. This information includes gross wages, social security wages, federal income tax withholdings, state income tax withholdings, and tax benefits.

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  • Form W-2

    Form W-2

    Wage and Tax Statement provided to employees

  • Form W-2c

    Form W-2c

    Corrected Wage and Tax Statement

Form 1099 Series

Series of information returns reporting income from self-employment, interest and dividends, or independent contractors to the IRS. The various 1099 forms correspond with numerous types of income being reported.

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  • Form 1099-MISC

    Form 1099-MISC

    Miscellaneous Income

  • Form 1099-INT

    Form 1099-INT

    Interest Income

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ACA Forms

These ACA forms keep employers compliant to Federal mandated sections 6055 and 6056.

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  • Form 1095-C

    Form 1095-C

    Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage

  • Form 1095-B

    Form 1095-B

    Health Coverage


Extension forms are used by individuals, businesses and nonprofits organizations to request additional time to file information returns to the IRS. An extension will extending the deadline for filing your return but will not extend allotted time to pay the taxes owed.

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  • Form 8809

    Form 8809

    Application for Extension of Time To File Information Returns

  • Form 7004

    Form 7004

    Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax

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