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You want to succeed in your business. Between late filings, penalties, complicated tax forms, etc…it’s enough to leave you stressed out and ready to quit. And, unless you’re a tax preparer, you likely did not get into business to do tax filings all year long. Fortunately, we want to help you succeed; consider us your partner.

Our owners, Agie and Naga, founded our parent company with that same core belief that no matter who you are or where you are from, you can achieve greatness. Unfortunately, even successful businesses have their share of trouble; unable to secure financing for their new business, our owners sold everything to bootstrap our parent company. After developing a few other pieces of software, the team developed ExpressTaxFilings in 2013, making e-filing accessible to businesses. After four years in business as an IRS authorized e-filer, we’ve successfully helping 50,000 users by transmitting 400,000 tax forms.

We at ExpressTaxFilings believe that while taxes can be complicated, solid research paired with great customer service, along with accurate and efficient software, can make your tax filing much easier. Our cloud-based software is supported here in the US, and we carefully study tax guidelines to stay ahead of changes. With US-based customer support, we know that we will answer your call faster than the IRS will. We constantly strive to lead our clients as a compassionate resource, guiding you through complicated tax matters and making the e-filing experience as accurate and efficient as possible. We’re here to support businesses because when you succeed, we succeed!

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