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94x Online Signature PIN - Overview

The Online Signature PIN is a 10-digit number provided by the IRS for the purpose of e-signing 94x series forms. This PIN gives you authorization to e-sign your company’s 94x Series Tax Returns.

To become an IRS Authorized Signer, you need to complete the Form 94x On-Line Signature PIN Registration Process. Upon approval, the IRS will send you a 10 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) used to electronically sign the 94x Family of Returns. Once you get it, you must sign and return a statement acknowledging receipt of your PIN within 10 days to activate it. The entire PIN registration process can take up to 45 days.

How to Apply for 94x Online Signature PIN

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  • Select 'Apply for 94x PIN'
  • Enter your Employer Details
  • Provide Required Information for Signing Authority
  • Authorize & Transmit Application to the IRS

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