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Form W-2 SSA Overview

Form W-2 is an information return that is filed with the SSA by employers for their employees each year. In addition to filing with the SSA, employers must send copies of Form W-2 to their employees to report salary and other compensations offered throughout the year.

W-2 2016 Tax Year Deadlines

Employee Copy Deadline

January 31, 2017

Paper Filing Deadline

January 31, 2017

E-Filing Deadline

January 31, 2017

Required Information to File Form W-2 Online

  • Employer Details: Name, EIN, Employer Code, Employer Type, and Address
  • Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
  • Federal Details: Federal Income and Federal Tax Withheld
  • State Filing Details: State Income and State Tax Withheld
IRS Form W2 2017

Steps to E-file Form W-2

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  • Create Account
  • Select New W-2 Form
  • Enter Employer Details
  • Enter Employee Details
  • Pay and Transmit to the SSA

State Filings for Form W-2

Complete your W-2 State Requirements

Depending on state requirements you may need to file Form W-2 and other reconciliation forms with the applicable state. ExpressTaxFilings supports W-2 filing for certain eligible states.

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IRS Penalties for not filing Form W-2

Failure to file Form W-2 by the deadline results in a $30 penalty per W-2. Filing 30 days after the due date raises the penalty to $60 per form, with a max fine of $500, or $200 for small business owners.

Correction Form W-2c

Form W-2c is used to correct errors, such as an incorrect name, social security number, or amount, on any Form W-2 or W-2c filed previously with the SSA.

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Need More time to E-File your W-2 Forms?

Apply Extension using Form 8809

If you’re unable to file Form W-2 on time, you can apply for an automatic 30-day extension by completing Form 8809 by the original filing deadline. E-file your extension today.

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