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Overview of Form 1099 Correction

Making Corrections To Your 1099 Forms

The 1099 Correction Form is used to make a correction on the Form 1099 you originally filed. There are three types of errors that can be corrected on Form 1099: Type 1 and Type 2 and Both Type errors.

  • TYPE 1 Errors: Incorrect tax amount(s), code, checkbox, payee name, or if the return was filed when it shouldn't have been.
  • TYPE 2 Errors: A payee number is missing (ex. TIN, SSN, EIN, QI-EIN, or ITIN), the name and/or address is incorrect, or the original return was filed on the wrong type of return (ex. 1099-MISC Form was used to fill a 1099-DIV).
  • BOTH TYPE Errors: We can correct both amount and recipient details.

Information Needed

What Kind of Errors Are Corrected

1099 Correction Forms can be used to fix three types of errors:

  • Type 1: incorrect tax amount(s), code, checkbox, payee name, or to void a return.
  • Type 2: missing/incorrect payee TIN, incorrect name or address, or the return was filed on the wrong form.
  • Both: User can correct both Amount and Recipient Details.

At ExpressTaxFilings , you can e-file 1099 Correction Forms for Type 1 ,Type 2 and Both errors whether you filed your original 1099s with us or with another CPA or e-file provider!

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How Do I File 1099

Form 1099 can most easily be corrected by e-filing online. And with ExpressTaxFilings , it’s even easier to e-file Type 1 ,Type 2 and Both Form 1099 errors, even if you didn’t file your original forms with us! To get started, create or log into your ExpressIRSForms account. From the Dashboard, select “Start New Form” then “1099 Corrections.” Select whether you originally filed with us or with another service provider. From here, the program will guide you through filling out your 1099 correction forms. Once you’ve reviewed everything, you can pay and securely transmit your corrections to the IRS.

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