Advantages of State Filing with ExpressTaxFilings

ExpressTaxFilings offers a unique advantage of seamless and simple electronic filing for your state information return filing.

  • ExpressTaxFilings currently offers e-filing for 37 states and we're always adding more.
  • E-filing with ExpressTaxFilings puts you in control, enabling you to quickly file your state return(s).
  • Our easy-to-understand program and informative prompts make filing returns feel more like a conversation than a stressful tax preparation process.
  • Instead of having to file with both federal and state agencies separately, you can e-file both at once with ExpressTaxFilings.
  • Regardless of the amount of forms you need to file, you can rest assured that ExpressTaxFilings can transmit your forms quickly and efficiently so that you can get on to other things.

Have questions? ExpressTaxFilings offers a knowledgeable customer support team ready to answer your questions via phone, live chat, and email.