What is ExpressTaxFilings?

ExpressTaxFilings is a complete online solution for generating and e-filing your IRS information returns. ExpressTaxFilings provides a simple, user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly enter and e-file information reports with the IRS, SSA, or state agencies as well as distribute them to payees.

Why us?

ExpressTaxFilings has revolutionized how you e-file information returns with the IRS and SSA by creating a safe, secure, and efficient e-filing process. Additionally, we support W-2 Form state filing in 37 states. ExpressTaxFilings easily guides you from start to finish through your selected form and has built-in error checks to make sure you don’t miss any boxes. And our amazing support team is available to assist you via phone, live chat, and email with any questions you may have!

Plans & Pricing

With pricing starting at only $0.99, there's no better place to e-file than ExpressTaxFilings!