MASSACHUSETTS 1099 information We support the Form 1099 State Filing for Massachusetts as part of CF/SF program

Massachusetts requires 1099 forms (MISC, INT, DIV, R) to be submitted to the state.

Form 1099-MISCForm 1099-INTForm 1099-DIVForm 1099-R

Due Dates:

1099-MISC forms with Non-Employee Compensation being reported must be submitted by January 31st. All other forms will need to be submitted by
March 31st.

Reconciliation Report:

Form 1096 - Annual Summary and Transmittal
If you are paper filing your 1099 forms, be sure to include a photocopy of the US Form 1096, Annual Summary and Transmittal of US Information Returns, along with your 1099 state copies.
NOTE : Form MA 1099-HC, Individual Mandate Massachusetts Health Care Coverage, MUST be filed electronically. Submissions on magnetic media are no longer accepted.
1099 reports will no longer be accepted via magnetic media methods,

What Is The User Responsible For?

You will need to file the Annual Summary and Transmittal Form 1096 directly with the state.

Postal Mailing Address:

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