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Overview of Form 1099-R

Save Time by Completing Form 1099-R Using ExpressTaxFilings

The Form 1099-R is used for reporting the various distributions related to retirement benefits, including annuities, pensions, IRAs, profit-sharing, retirement plans, and insurance contracts. In addition, the Form 1099-R is often used for private and public pension plans which aren't included in the Civil Service System.

Deadlines Of Form 1099-R

Form 1099-R 2016 Tax Year Filing Deadlines:
1099-R Recipient Copy Deadline

Recipient Copy Deadline

January 31, 2017

1099-R Paper Filing Deadline

Paper Filing Deadline

February 28, 2017

1099-R E-filing Deadline

E-filing Deadline

March 31, 2017

Information Needed

The following information is needed to e-file Form 1099-R:
  • Payer Details: Name, EIN, Address, and Contact Information
  • Payee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
  • Federal Details: Distributions Received and Federal Tax Withheld
  • State Details: State Name, ID Number, and State Tax Withheld
IRS Form 1099-R 2017


How Can I E-file Form 1099-R Using ExpressTaxFilings
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  • Sign into your ExpressTaxFilings account
  • Begin a new 1099-R return
  • Enter the details of the payer and recipient
  • Enter the state & federal details
  • Review and transmit your Form 1099-R to the IRS

Extensions For Form 1099-R

Is There An Extension To File Form 1099-R

An extension for Form 1099-R can be received by filing Form 8809. Form 8809 offers a 30-day automatic extension and can be filed online with ExpressTaxFilings. Within few minutes, ExpressTaxFilings can have your 1099-R filing extension done.

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Failing to file a correct Form 1099-R within the IRS deadline without reasonable cause can lead to penalties. You can also receive a penalty if you:
  • Fail to file machine-readable paper forms
  • File on paper when you’re required to e-file
  • Fail to include all information needed
  • Enter incorrect information or data
  • Fail to report a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  • Report an incorrect TIN

Your penalty is based on when you file the complete and corrected return.


Can I Correct My Rejected Form 1099-R ?

If your Form 1099-R is rejected, file a new form as soon as possible with ExpressTaxFilings. If your error is payee information, file a corrected form with the IRS and mail a new copy to the payee. If the error is the payer name or TIN, write a letter containing your name, address, error type, tax year, TIN, TCC, return type, payee number, filing method, and federal income tax withheld to the IRS.

State Filings

Are State Filings Applicable For Form 1099-R

Depending on your state requirements file the Form 1099-R with the applicable state department. If the state is apart of the Combined Federal/State Filing, then the IRS will forward the original and corrected forms to the state free of charge.

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