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Overview of Form 1094-C

Form 1094-C is the transmittal form that accompanies Form 1095-C when filing with the IRS each year. Together, Forms 1094-C and 1095-C are used to provide information to the IRS regarding health insurance coverage offered to your full-time employees and that status of individual employee’s enrollment. Form 1094-C is only sent to the IRS, not to employees.

Deadline For Form 1094-C

1094-C Due to Recipient

Due to Recipient

January 31st

1094-C Paper File

Paper File 1095-C to IRS

February 28th

1094-C E-File

E-File 1095-C to IRS

March 31st

Information Required to complete Form 1094-C

What Informatrion You Need For Filing 1094-C
  • You need the information related to your employees like their name, SSN, address, and payroll
  • Number of Form 1095-C transmitted along with Form 1094-C
  • ALE Member Information
IRS Form 1094-C 2017

Penalties For Not Filing 1094-C?

Employers that do not submit Form 1094-C to the IRS may be subject to a penalty of up to $250 per missing form, with a maximum penalty of $3 million per calendar year. Waivers are available when failure to report is due to a reasonable cause. Limited relief is also available in 2016 for incorrect or incomplete information reported.

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